The Armada:1588

In Calais Port you await
a heralded dawn long foretold ,
yet somehow you shall fail
to meet that appointed hour at
St.Paul’s and the Coronation Of Eagles,
apples of Phillip’s eye ,
as they are plucked from their
firmament and left to gaze sightless
at heavens bereft of their autumnal stars
and their once ordained glory ;
as cannon ,halberd, musket ,
and a breastplated Duke of Palma
await in Calais Port ,
for parchments ,timber and
Sidonia’s pride to shrivel
and crack in Kraken-waked infernoes ,
that will scatter fated galleons
toward an abyss where
Sirens’ songs entice haughty broods
and their lineages to intersect
Scylla and Charybdis, as ,
still in Calais Port you await
for your deity to shroud your bones
and from rotten sunken timbers
resurrect that crucified dawn .

2 thoughts on “The Armada:1588

  1. lokesh roy

    The Spanish Armada is of great historical significance and through this poem one is able to visualize the whole thing much as a movie ,thanks to the lively depiction by an ace hand like Louis Kasatkin.

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