The Angelical,” Angst”

Seemingly a crooked cannibal

of clinical calibre ,just out from a

refractory graphite crucible;

Nothing  but a highly vacuumized ,

ungenial   cylindrical cubicle;

Hollowed out of all good-willed

cherubic  innocence and miracles,

Cankerous with the horrendous darkness and

Resonating with sonic howls and screeches;

Defeaning almost the inner cochlea ,

With an impaired area of brocha;

Angst acridly personified ,and

Fully complied to a vigorous

Vestigeal  existence !


Almost banging  hard  even the

Conscience of his clue-less creator,

Still a discrete miniscule vacuole ,

Incomprehensively luminous ,

Ebulliently  lashing its way through all the

Odoriferous body humours;

Undoubtedly, it’s a ray of soul-craving,

An effervescent hope of optimism enclosing,

An epiphytic existence in all vivacity,

An inbuilt evangelism, not though in entirety;

Daringly boring his new found rootlets,

Into the petrified yet firing igneous;

Evergreen soul never dies out,

After all the belittling and ignominious;

Fastidiously carrying all the tiny sparks and rhythms,

Ambitiously amphibious!


A little music or a tiny spark

Is too risky a proposition,

For its a lucrative

pheromone  at disposition,

for the preying  mantids  in opposition;

The angst soul yielding into

self-made strangulation;

The draconian hunter, with

all its ulterior nerves and nervule,

Sucks  in its prey sumptuously

inside its circling and perplexing whirlpool,

intricately trapping into a flux

of  withering deleterious spell;


The tempered soul after all

the  onslaughts of  treacherous assault,

Bizzarely puts up the step up 3D acts,

Retracting back like the unshaken spirit

of the valiant ,outspoken Julian Assange,

Spurting out of the whirlpool

like a divine dew landing

on a smoothened silken sponge ;

Lavishly shocking its discombobulated

mantid  and  its  clueless creator!

The unseen small vacuole

of spark and rhythm  carrier,

assuming  gigantic proportions

for  the angelical angst survivor !

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About Umarani Jayaraj

An Avid Literary Enthusiast ,have just entered the main arena of writing with poetry,to follow suit on other forms too .Keen on writing my soul out on intriguing soul-searching/stirring metaphysical themes,passionate romance ,social concerns close to heart & anything influencing me-- with a sort of surrealistic imagery n crafted wordplay being my natural style. Want to have a firm professional place in literary & creative media world reaching global audience! (Ahh, its warmth of home ..coming back here to Destiny now after almost 3 to 4 yrs , this 2015, feels I was away for long...but at my other poetic home so lovable as this. I wish I keep frequenting both the soulful spaces foreva..!:) tq Poets, tq Destiny. Various Links to this nomadic me:)

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  1. Louis Kasatkin

    You can’t deny the obvious technical poetic pyrotechnics.Lots of fireworks and bright colours.Would “in the vein of Modernism” or “Homage to..” be appropriate?I was put in mind of Bartok and Glass (the composer not the substance). As we are wont to enquire in the course of our monthly Poetry workshop proceedings at such a point,was this written in “one go” ?or re-visited after writing?

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