The Angel of Earth

She has gone for eternal sleep
Ssssshhhhh! !
Keep silence, don’t make a noise
she has gone for eternal sleep
where she’ll be aboding
for eternal life
her pen is calm too
her long life company
her mortal life has resigned too
she has gone for eternal life
to pluck heavenly words
and rain on us
to create heavenly poems
which she loved
throughout her life
Ssssssshhhhhhhh hh! !
She has gone for eternal sleep
MAYA ANGELOU ! ! ! ! !

ramesh rai

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Poetry!! ! The Expression of soul. Poetry ! A perpetual stream of sacred consciousness flowing ever and ever beyond planets and stars and even plenty of universe. writing poetry since teen age. Use to write chiefly in three languages viz English, Bengali and Hindi.Retired from government service still have to cover a long journey. Life may come Life may go but a poet goes on for ever.

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