The Aerial View

The notes of serenity break into the core of my soul

And lift me up above the ground

From there,

I could see the troubled lives

Of one and all!


Yes, from the one whose heart had been broken into pieces

To the one struggling to find food to fill up his stomach

Why, it would seem that the whole world suffers

Yet, mechanically, everyone walks on their path

Going there where a new day would take them

Going there where the winds of their fate blows them!


After experiencing the mundane life in such a way

I choose not to turn rivers into floods

With the gallons of tears that are amassed in my bosom

Rather, I’ll use them as healing drops

Meant to cure the many ills ravaging the inhabitants!


Pray, like them, I once, struggled to stay afloat in the oceans of my own curses

Like them, I could only see the many hurdles of my own toils

Like them, I made of these mountains

Which I believed I had to carry on my shoulders

Why, having learnt that these mountains

Are meant to be left as they are, and are

To be climbed on to reach their summits

Pray, I have learnt to smile and to enjoy my stay

Here, in this temporary world

Revolving upon its own uncertainty!


Letting the notes of serenity guide me

I do allow my soul to bloom into that which it is fated to

While allowing myself and the whole world,

To heal!

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