That art Thou

Hidden by thou art
Rebelled by thou thought
Fulfilled by thou faculty
Nurtured by thou self

Wished by thou hearts
Joined by thy words
Closed by thou emotions
Opened by thy self

Forced by thou ego
Ridiculed by thou reason
Banished by thou morality
Freed by thou love

Loved by thou self
Differed by thou and thee
Unabridged by thou imagined
Joined by thou and thee loved

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About Rakesh Ramachandran

Life is a journey and Everything in life has a purpose and our identity is the bridge to that purpose. Currently based in Bangalore, India. Welcoming everyone to pass their positive comments. Below lines describe the best in me or the purpose of my life. In the mist of darkness I perceive a ray of light I begin to follow the ray of light In the journey I realize I am the ray of light There ends my life and darkness The ā€œIā€ no longer exists all exists is the ray of light email me at rakeshinnovation [@] Facebook:

1 thought on “That art Thou

  1. Dhivyakala

    By and By

    The divine came flying

    Found itself in thee

    to sing through poetry

    about it’s Mystery

    For those who will

    The divine ‘s WILL

    are thrown in Fire

    testing thy Dire

    Now here u stand

    a witness to bond

    with only the supreme

    Such a delight

    Is your thought

    of riveting bond with the beyond!!!!

    cheers !!


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