The day is done

before the day has begun,

empty bottles line doorsteps waiting

for a milkman who will never come;

A mute roar of silent crowds

in deserted stadiums

where no-one is playing

and no football is kicked,

all their yesteryear glories

filling all their tomorrows;

The grass is growing backwards

as the Sun recedes at noon,

jokes are told after the

laughter gets swallowed back

down into throats,

words once uttered

are scrolled up into mouths,

each journey begins with the last step


Answers precede questions

questions precede doubts

doubts precede thought;

shrouds at weddings

funerals at births,

The day has begun

before the day is done..

4 thoughts on “TENET

  1. VijayNair

    An excellent delineation of a world where Time is ” manipulated”, as in Nolan’s ”Tenet.”

  2. Reena

    An extraordinary poem. So much in keeping with the concept of inversion and entropy in the thrilling ride that was the Tenet

  3. amitapaul

    Like the film and the poem , the title is a palindrome and creates a ‘ Through the Looking Glass ‘ kind of ambience . One is wonderstruck to begin with , and then one tries to perform a lot of mental acrobatics at the same time in an attempt to understand , what sense , if any , the activities of the actors of the story make at any given point of time .
    Excellent exercise of mental gymnastics and of the imagination, too .!!


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