Teddy Bear Hops

Can we not still hop as that teddy bear hopped
And then absolutely tired stopped
Near the park bench
In those sun-tinted days of yore?
Yes, you were merely three or four.
“You are my teddy bear”, you lisped, baby words
Together we eavesdropped
On the chatter of birds
Merrily my teddy bear hopped.
Once again my heart stopped.
With a thin stick in your fat little hand
You chased the seven sisters,
I worried about your tiny feet getting big blisters.
Can I not once again make you sit on the kitchen slab?
While you try to lunge and grab
A mouthful of my cheek?
Ooh, aah, ouch,eeek
I screamed.
Remember how we licked the platter clean
In sync with the nursery rhyme Jack Sprat could eat no fat,
His wife could eat no lean
Sitting on the kitchen slab?
You yelled “Mommie is mean”.
Feeling cheated that in the rapture of the rhyming moment
You had gobbled up the weird concoction
That you had crinkled your nose at!
Ha, ha that was the mother’s magical touch.
Ah, it was just the other day , it seemed
When you took your first tottering step
I stood a couple of feet away
A prayer in my heart,
And the prayer laden heart in my mouth.
Two steps to the north,
Then deliriously you raced towards the south!
Running amok on the rough terrain, now your domain.
Did you no longer need the mother’s restraining touch?
Ah, this sudden burst of individuality I found too much.
You stumbled and fell, cried and chortled
My fears I valiantly bottled.
Your golden ringlets
Of the golden past
Vanished pretty fast
Soon your cherubic face in lines of maturity was cast.
You thought I did not feel your kiss on my hot forehead
Yesterday night?
It was not a daughter’s touch
But a mother’s touch.
My mother’s.
Mother, the fever has gone.
But I can still see the teddy bear
flaunting its red bow in the lawn
To welcome a new mellow dawn.

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