Tear From Out My Eye

Rolling down my cheek

Came tears of sheer despair

From what had happened early on

From my child, who’d lost control?


Screams of hatred

Words of death

Though calm, at last

Were daggers with fiery breath?


Now repentent, tranquil peace

Once more upon this earth

Reflective action o’er what had been

Brought these tears

Now rolling down my cheeks.


Shoulders, strong and powerful

Gentle giant of mine, soo strong,

Much needed reassurance

To help me carry on.


Though character, sweet and kind

Knowledge too tells me

Blame, it’s not her fault,

Conditions are now at hand

Here, simply just out of reach.


As any loving parent

Whose child has special needs,

Can say beyond a doubt

They always bring us love,

And hope.


© Sharon-Elizabeth Walker, 2012


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