Half closed eyes in mystic trance,
Smoky tress fly in frenzied fire
Burning lust, and decayed desire
Shiva in colossal tandava dance .
Mountains crumble
Histories stumble
Thunders rumble
Shuddering sick ploys wane perchance.
Unmoved stillness in third eye
Swelling seas and darkened sky
Swirling suffering, sinking sins
Shuffling lines of losses and wins.
Stillness amidst the chaotic steps
Changing vistas, numbing waits
For that calm to touch droopy souls
Blossoming parijat behind the Lance.

7 thoughts on “Tandava


    A word Pictograph of Shiva Thandava ! The dance form itself is full of eye catching moves so rigorous as Thandava is stepped by Lord Shiva when he got very furious. Nicely written , dear Piku Choudhary’

  2. amitapaul

    This is a very powerful and beautiful depiction of the Shiva Tandava or the Dance of Destruction by Nataraja Shiva as a precursor to a new beginning of life . The Parijat or Coral Flower behind the Lance says it all .

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