Taken by the flow


It was raining …
May be for months now
It was only raining

The moments are heavy
With moss grown thick walls
And with an ancient unclean green-coper’s smell

Life is a one-way gangway
Ending up in the golden sky
Of a diluted faith about eternity

The slippery moments push
The fallen up the stairs
One or at times many steps at a go

Inertia doesn’t help

There is a smoked sun
Even my shadow is missing
Like a landloper lost in a thick fog

I wished to pray
“Please don’t let it rain”
I long to wing free

Instead I see gravity pulls
I was drowning
And taken by the flow


4 thoughts on “Taken by the flow

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    The unsuspecting reader will find themselves immersed in a swirl of existential angst and uncertainty.The line ” Even my shadow is missing ” ,evokes a certain resonance bringing fleetingly to mind the influence of the iconic Borges.

    1. Sarala Ramkamal Post author

      Thank you Louis. I had not read Borges (Jorge Luis) till now. Today I will search his work and thank you, really, for this interesting information. 🙂


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