Take Me Away

Take Me Away

span of months and years
has passed
when you left me alone
to bear with this
unbearable separation ,

i feel as if
i am burning in snow ,
drowning without water
in absence of
your bosomy hugs
and peering love ,

whenever , i think of you
my heart cries
without making a noise ,
my eyes burst
without making tears
but it seems if water passing
through my eyes ,

my brain is dead
but still in senses ,
my heart is torn into
thousands of pieces
but i still find you resting
in my bleeding heart ,

i wait for the day
when you come and
be with me, in my heart ,
sleep with me to regenerate me ,
and take me away with you for ever.

(my personal thought and composition )
picture :courtesy
all rights reserved 2015
k c sethi, daman, india

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