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Zen Saturday: Raining Hard

I wake in the middle of the day
We talk but cut me short
I change my clothes

We watch television
As we talk
I feel hungry
I walk down the stairs

I fry an egg and four pieces of sausages
I eat
I’m full

I sit in front of the computer
I set the time
I compute for the bill
Tenants are leaving on Wednesday

We can’t avoid conflicts of interest
I’m done with computation
You’re in the kitchen
Speaking while washing your hands

I write my prose or poem
As you eat with my sibling
An hour later, You finish eating

I am alone again in front of the computer
It is raining hard
As I write my Zen
The rain becomes light
I save my work
Now, I am done

Saturday Zen

Nine hours sleep
Feeling refresh with a relax mind
The sun smiles as I smile back at the day

Late afternoon I woke
Taken a cold shower
Felt the water against my skin
Feeling refresh and relax

Four in the afternoon came
I cooked
I fried and stirred
Opened the lid
The rice is ready

The kettle whistles
I pour some hot water in my cup
The aroma of good coffee

Two bananas and a cup of coffee

I eat and drink
Relaxing and Zen

I finished my coffee
I brushed my teeth
My mouth felt refresh
I smiled as I climbed up the stairs

I turned on the lights
It’s six in the evening
I sat on my chair
I wrote my poetry

I watched television
I’m waiting for midnight
After Six hours of waiting
Now I can post my poetry