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Love Eclipse

Sparkling shine from the coyly smiling cherubic face,

Electrifying gleam in the earnest twinkling whispering eyes,

Gathering black clouds stationed glowing her cheekiness,

Impatiently making way in twiggy canopies of mahoganies

Desperately trying to spot the sagacious soul in serenity,

Meditating seriosity beyond  her curious signalling verbosity,

Staring awe-struckedly, enfolded him in her dreams silently,

Retreating back to the far-off starry abode though inevitably,

Heavily saturated her heart his love-laden memories generously,

Waiting to shower on his foretold awakening as promised  .

 Sacredly ancient soul of sage for ages beckoned her tenaciously,

Blossoming out of his centennial sub-consciousness yearningly,

Eclipsing penumbral shadows holding her back utmost fatefully,

Ticking hour needles trembling to make their unison happening,

Sickening moment of her absence evoking bitter indifference feeling,

Self-realizing searching soul Oh Greatness!  She’s in captivated holding,

Shedding her shackles, out she comes now as a new full moon enchanting.