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Flight of the Songbird: (Over Pakistan)

Silent songbird high in the sky ,
what do you see with your roving eye ?
gracefully swooping above and gliding ,
can you see those below who are in hiding ?
searching high and low over mountain and field ,
what does your intelligence finally yield ?
many packed rooms at a local school ,
who did they think that would fool ?
not you silent songbird high in the sky ,
now you get to choose how many die ;
as your 500 pound bomb silently descends
and the story of those children suddenly ,

The Caretaker:Baghdad 2003

methodical arcs,
the caretaker
by distance
and indifference,
from events
that once
were his
meat and drink
in a professional sinecure,
long since abandoned
due to those events,
repeating themselves now,
from which
he no longer takes
any sustenance;
methodical arcs,
in the hour before dawn,
the caretaker
no longer cotton-wooled,
inexplicably overwhelmed
by the violent
and the visceral;
a collapsing ceiling
clouds and columns
of dust and smoke
bizarrely motivating
old telephonic equipment
to announce to the deafening gloom,
“you are through to the Iraqi
Ministry of Tourism,
office hours are 9a.m.to 4p.m.”

The Cathedral Poets’ground-breaking,inspirational
multi-media exhibition,”Jaw jaw war war”
opened at Wakefield Cathedral at the beginning of January 2003.
This poem reflects the quotidian reality of war.


ever so slowly,

the blade descending

stainless steady serrated

severing flesh arteries bone

deeper deeper yet

burying the pain

jangling screaming

crimson showers

ebbing flowing;

Minaretted shadows echo

vowel-less syllables’

call to prayer,

in their thousands hurrying

prostrating before a history

that belongs

somewhere else

in some far


(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right under the Copyright,Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work)