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Broken Journey..

brokenbread winespilled,
burning candles at both ends
in nameless bars
somewhere lost on the
map of nameless towns,
downtown timeout
from pulpit and prayers,
taking boilermaker sacraments
amid thumping jukebox sermons
of betrayal and distrust,
banished pilgrims
silhouetted in smokewreathed
pooltable lights,
love n hate tattoo knuckled
truckers and female denizens
rehearsing their nightly catechism.

Hunted hunting,
holstered badged,
feral eyes
90 degrees
180 degrees
at Armanied,coiffured,
tracking for connections
or “mules”,
white stetsoned,stringtied,
scour unobtrusively
in the shadows
for more day labor;

Wearied wearying,
the long vigil til dawn,
the early Greyhound at 7
two blocks up by the post office
from this nameless bar
in this nameless town
somewhere on the map
he left behind.

(this is a “homage” to the songs and the novels and
just about everything else by my mate Willy Vlautin)

Willy Vlautin

All those long roads
all those dark roads,
leading out into
that Big Somewhere,
faraway and years to come,
places and times
not yet memorised,
the adventure
the challenge
of all them windmills
lined up in a row
for you to tilt at;
Long ago Pindar wrote
that he would not
suffer envious oblivion
to graze upon the
deeds of heroes,
and neither do you;
along those dark roads
along those roads
leading out into
the Big Somewhere,
without pomp
without ceremony,
your words
tell of different heroes.


(Willy hasn’t written all the very best songs that I’ve
ever heard,but he sure has written a lot of them.)