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Invain in pain is pleasure

barbed wire

On the wild road of life,
The dare devil succeed,
Not a minute to breathe not a minute to emote,
In the varied challenges of life,
Lay the answers to our growth,
The moment you give in,
It is a defeat in the battle,
Defeated a thousand times,
A barbed wire around your neck,
You struggle, bruised and you fall on the ground distressed.
Blood oozing from each part of your body,
Not a helping hand,
You gather all your might,
And pull out the barbed wire around your neck,
You scream with your vocal chord strained
And challenge time,
You walk on your path with courage,
With a belief that you have nothing to lose,
This time when you walk you have the strength of a hundred elephants
With the might and ferociousness of a lion.
You rule your life and your bruises start healing,
You see the brighter side of life
Fearing nothing, you live life like never before.
After this long journey, world watches your victory.
But, fail to see the painful journey and marks of your bruises.
All the pain that you felt has transformed to pleasure,
Invain in pain is pleasure.

© Copyright 2015 Rashmi S. Malapur All rights reserved.