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Walter Harrison: An Ordinary Life

Not by birth decreed
but by duty made discreet;
the helping hand
the firm demeanour
and part of those led,
strong beyond measure
yet sharing the ordinary everyday concerns
of those who sought and found
to some degree
an unassuming kindness,
an empathy without affectation
not to be found in the high Offices of State
nor in corridors of power
but in a heart
graced by simple shared virtues
and a sustaining honour
therein the sufficiency
of a purpose fulfilled
of a life well led
that touched and was part of the ordinary.

( Walter Harrison passed away,aged 91 on Friday 19 October 19,2012.He was made Freeman of the City of Wakefield in 2003,after a Public career that included serving as Member of Parliament for the city from 1974-1987. I was fortunate to get to know Walter in his later years,when as President of the Black Horse Poets (2004-10) I sought his counsel and support on many occasions.He is the best friend Poetry has ever had and probably will ever have in the cultural desert that is Wakefield. And the big reveal is that it was Walter and me that conspired in secret to get the present Wakefield MP Mary Creagh to become the Patron of the Black Horse Poets.)