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The return of unconquerable spirit

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The place is like an estuary vandalized
Where once the peaceful river of life
And the fiery sea of human greed met
In that cartography, between the dreams
Unfolds continents of real-life-miseries
Inside the blue-sheet tent she sits stone-like
With a docile brain, trained to cease thinking
Staring at the young man – fair and tall, who
Stands with his eyes on her pale boney face
Where life remains with its broken ribs
As if in a flash back scenes started playing;

– – – – The thud of thundering missiles
– – – – She hugs the 7 year old boy to her bosom
– – – – Covering him with her body
– – – – The walls and roof collapse
– – – – From under the debris she struggles
– – – – Somehow reaches the open
– – – – Some people come, pat the dust off them
– – – – Days without eating, under the sun and moon
– – – – A truck load of them get transported to the border
– – – – She hands the boy to her sister and yell “go and live”
– – – – She turned to her man, groaning , wounded
– – – – The boy struggled to reach her but the soldier pushes

The scenes end and the boy yells “Maaaaaa”
A glint of life crossed her face – “Ma”
She looked at the skeletal form sitting near her
They were yoked on a same electric pulse
Yore in the west, through the low opening of the tent
The sun radiated a golden smile
Now even the death is welcome
And she smiled, the father too
After the unflinching wait of so long years
The unconquerable spirit smiled in them



The Elusive Wait


Ceremoniously sharpened wrought iron knife
His deity of duty, just taken out from the
Ayudha pooja~Viswakarma ritual
Spot on the tender meat, ripping apart
Such a perfectionist executor he seems

Flawless cuts even in his deepest sleeps!
Violent tearing jet of gushing acoustics
Irritating even the slightest ear chords
Imagine, it’s music to the ears, to the other one
He’s a god personified to the other one
The one always like an ardent disciple
On his aisle, with the humbled disposition
Gleaming eyes, filamentous spiny
Moustaches, rather a vase on the face
The felinity obscured by a meditating innocence
All focussed on his locus -the chopped bits torqued in air
Bits of meat are worth his lifetime wait
A curious wait with a grabbing hope
Short time satiety though worth the wait!
This cat wait is no catwalk or a cake walk
For it’s the entire hard earned wait against all
His god man’s abuses, crow-dog fightings
Personified with politeness yet aggressive and alert!

Just nearby another cemented platform mound
Lucky one I would define, always a profound
Palanquin for a rustic beauty queen of unique sorts
Whom I ever spot her only at the hours of twilight
Her glimmering lipshades and flashing drapes
Involuntarily pulling at ease all eyes’attention
Irony though are her floating eyes in mourning lyrical
One can feel her hapless heart in spite of her lustrous wait
A wait that she never wants to realise the fruition
A wait still which has to end up in shameful body edition!

Next street corner, my milestone for years
Is a haunting bony face,old and frail
seated with a grace, on his coveted Ferrari
of his life, the sliding hand pulled rickshaw!
He looks uploaded with loads of acute solitude
Sadness and gloom mapped all over with no gratitude
His unblinking eyes and a big black mole right on the nose
Makes him a roughened stone face, yet one would melt on
His dry straw hairs and  banyan-lungi with innumerous holes
He too waits for those eyes in the crowd, who can make
A hail, just for his mere penniless hand to mouth life..
He seems to wait, not just for that, but wait for
Something more, not  a mere traveller, but a
Life changer carrier who can profusely not,
atleast diffuse a small speck of his forgotten dreams,
childish cheers and a deck of simple happiness !
A wait wrapped inside his wait is what I see in
The poor man’s eyes, so cloudy and hazy.

All too short, lost a loved soul, many out there
Just like me, who too wait for a long long haul
which even the wondrous wait too weep and envy!
Wait my mind,let me wonder what is wait
Hope and time, both the entities of  extreme
Abstracts fused  into a frame and theme,
Time runs wild with no stops and stones
Hope unstunned remains to make the wait
Just elongate and reach almost infinite
A wait like a tabulated anorexic diet
so  severe, crude and a life-taking ticket,
A wait so obscure still it promulgates
Its longevity,  leading to its calm continuity
Starting like a trivial infinitesimal into an
Enormously self-swallowing infinity!