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The Untethered Soul


A drop of heavenly honey

absorbed by the warmth of a womb.

The sweetness gets melted by the touch of love.

Ah!  An untethered soul slowly comes into being.


The fragrance of virgin emotion is filled

with a mother’s dream and a father’s pride.

Beautiful sprouting of parenthood’s desire.

The divine soul inhales the breath of their love

and smiles without knowing the unknown.

It grows and awaits with all enthusiasm

to witness the divine surreal union of dusk and dawn

to decipher the various hues of life and its beauty.


Despite, beyond the dominion of all protocols

Lay the role of karma, the tricky play of destiny.

In the itinerary, the identity of soul is lost, frozen!


Unknowingly, I know, I am a bruised bud

who may never bloom with all its beauty.

Yet I would emit the fragrance of purity and

embrace the world with all my cosmic love.


I am a special child, an unresolved puzzle.

For the obvious reasons I would be invited

by faked smiles and myriad question marks

which I may deal with all my innocence

from all the stares coming my way from the world.


Determined, I fought and fled

the dungeon of time to embrace love,

the survival instinct of life.

Neverthless least I understand

what is curse or blessing

nor the ABC of expression or emotions.


But I know for my beloved I am their life and hope

who love and care for me unconditionally

in a least way that you decipher any truism.


I am the special one bestowed with rare blessings.

I struggle to convey with my strange language I know

that one day I will reciprocate as you wish and pray

I will fill your life with love you showered untiringly

as time will resolve the puzzle you live with all the day.


Power of miracle will erase all doubts,

It is my promise I convey so innocently

Through my smiles, I deliver time to time.


© Maaya Dev

Foot notes – The poetic version of one of my prose work prose  (The Untethered Soul)

from ‘The Significant Anthology’.

Philip Seymour Hofmann

Your name shone so bright

for such a very short respite ,

flared your brief candle in the gloom

of a thousand theatres and projection rooms ,

having strutted and fretted your hour upon the screen

giving depth to walking shadows no longer to be seen ,

but you shall remain none other than

Philip Seymour Hofmann.