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Philosopher Trees

Philosopher Trees

Trees are the living-ones, they have
Their hearts and souls, the souls
Which reverberate love in the hearts
Of philocalists, the philocalist owls.

They see, they sing, the hear, they taste,
And they sense our senses in true sense,
They are makers; they make poets,
Obliqueness is their beauty, and fragrance.

Winds are their messengers, their lovers
Are flutterbies, bees and we, the poets,
Every leaf that falls down reverberates her
Sonnet, ballad of life, and odes.

The last leaf tells her story and
Acompanies her friends- in the stack,
They tell their ballads to wandering winds
And winds sing it to buds and bees.

The ballads must be set in autumn archive,
O, poet jagdish, the philosophy must be alive.


So comforting these trees around
Their energy poured about
To hug them as the need to ground
Or calm and still my shout

Their presence is a blessing
Amongst the noisy din
Our thoughts always pressing
Absorbed through their darkened skin

I am glad they watch the play
Remaining still and firmly rooted
Though wind may make them sway
Staving off what we’ve polluted

Being part of nature’s beauty
A treasure to protect
They are on the earth’s watch duty
To help us to perfect

By reaching higher and beyond to see
Things from another view
Can we be graceful as a tree
Standing in peace with me and you?