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Lone Traveler

I am
A lone traveler
I won’t stick to even
The dust beneath my feet
I won’t carry with me
Even the most beautiful of
Scenes that I pass by
I won’t be attached to even
The most concerning of companions on the way
Sometimes, I may feel lonely
But I know, this is just a mirage
Can’t stop me from walking alone


May God
Grant me some courage
This ocean of life
Not difficult to cross
In the direction of waves
I only know my inner compass
That only knows to swim in the
Opposite direction
Knowing how difficult it is
To experience life in truth and reality


Give me some morning breeze
Give me some dew
Give me a bit of light
I want to wake up again
A butterfly of dreams
Let it fly
Give me some vision
I want to open my eyes again
Let the buds bloom
I don’t want to take the bait
Give me back the child in me
I don’t want to grow up again