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The Corridor

If words do heal, if words are prayers

If words are love, if words have powers

Let me stop by the corridor with my pen.

The corridor that binds us beyond the boundaries

Irrespective of colour, caste, creed and nation

where compassion embalm the bruised seamlessly.

Who doesn’t know, pain has same taste and feel?

Yet we live it as much as our heart bears it.

When the fire in the heart is bright and burning

When inner whispers constantly remind us

Nothing can put a stop, as  life has to go on..

Any tragedy marks a new beginning for a better life.

It embraces fresh dreams to build a beautiful life.

The invincible spirit of indomitable will

ready to kiss tomorrow’s sun with enthusiasm

Like how a phoenix rising from ashes to touch sky

believing in the power of hope and life.

With frozen tears we dare to rewrite our destiny

We realise no tremors can quiver our spirit forever.

At the corridor with compassionate heart and prayers

With courage and desire we walk towards renaissance

To live over again with smile on face as if nothing had happened

and whatever happened is bygone or just a nightmare of last night.

© Maaya Dev