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The Last Talk

Strangers to the core, by instance of fate,

brought you to my life’s fore;

like canopies of conifer and deciduous ,

altogether stark  variance in all,

still we struck an unseen chord

and a bond beyond all recall;

a chirpy and cheerful story,

with all its on and offs,high and lows;

abruptly stopped and made short.


the tale of our togetherness ,

was still an episode of  power and intense;

the four percent cranberry alcopop

in times spent  just by  us,

shows now a person’s care of full cent  percent;

the revolving “a” in the antivirus once you installed ,

seen at my desktop right bottom corner

hauntingly reminding your unending support

in all small ways ,now hitting memory  like jagger;

the small packs of oregano and the chilli flakes seasonings  ,

that we had in excess as you ate to satiety ,

the home delivered chicken pizza,

still lying around ,fresh and untouched,

just to remind the real spice and zing in you !


many scents of you lying around  lingering

i now cannot believe u may be in outer space floating,

for I remember,you  once said about your special affinity

towards the mysterious extra terrestrial  divinity;


The headway of decibels filled with care and love,

as usual to be exchanged , was what the talk ;

even though far ,  gadgets connected the hearts;

But this time, clarity and concern galore,

taken aback  and felt like an assertive lore;


Away did we rest each other by ourselves;

Only to hear now,all that sudden divineness

had been a prelude for a precious journey;

Silent and calm , arrested in sleep,

your charming heart had little to say !

You exchanged havens and

now remain in the heavens !

The most elegant talk, the divine talk,

the soul-stirring last talk !