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The Mould

An erratic writing after a long break from poetry… I don’t know if this is a whole poem or three different ones, and hence separated with asterisks. But this is what I penned down as I sat in the morning OutPatient Unit at the hospital and took the blank side of an investigation prescription sheet. The picture below was the unexpected prompt that made me write the first two lines. white-Daisies-in-the-rain

Raindrops needle through my petals,
Splice through my parched heart…
I can see you smile in the dark night,
I can see the bygone dreams again…
I can find myself in love songs –
Something I didn’t dare for long…


The canopy of my joy is made of
Dark clouds that shade the glares;
The sunshine is just a dream
That’s best kept behind the veils…
Maybe this was what took shape
Over times of reducing grey thoughts…


The lyrical daydreams are blossoms
That last a single day,
But when every day is a song,
It lasts as long as you want…
Love, I see now, is just a filling –
The mould is always you…

© Sana Rose 2014
May 5th, 2014


Thoughts intricate
as simple doodles
on unwanted pages.

I admire the curves
that keep swirling.

This is insanity
but it could’ve been
an escape.

This is pretension
but the synonym
is survival.

And this is sanity,
not the usual,
but an abnormal one.

The irony is that
existence exists
even in non-existence.

– Sana Rose
June 2012

My tree chair

Go sit in that tree
On limbs of love
Take up your chair
And just be there
Look to the sky above!

Unfold your arms
Breathe wide your heart
Open your eyes
Receive the surprise
Prepare a new start!

Smile a broad grin
To all in your sight
Flashing Spirit
Take time, renew it
Know all IS all right!

From your nice chair
In those arms above
Tell something new
Whatever you do
About Me,

Ice Rose

Frozen flower on window pane
Caught in glorious pose
Crystal necklace, interwoven
Waterdrops, a perfect rose
Soul sculptured ice rain
Seducing rays of sunshine
On glass before my face
Turning ice into steamy sublime
Clouds of thought that race
Stirring someplace inside my mind
A frozen rose, an ice rose,
A memory imprinted on my heart
Since before the start of time
Melting illusions of reality
And me.