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How Can I

How can I treasure,

A sea with a drop,

How can I measure,

A building, sitting on the top,


How can I judge,

A soul with his few deeds,

How can I leave grudge,

Believing onto all the feeds,


How can I trust,

A heart, based on my ears and eyes,

How can I calculate the pain,

Listening anew sighs,


How can I erase your tears,

Without diving into its intensity,

How can you say “I love you”,

Without spending together an eternity,


How can I walk away,

Off you, based on few moments,

How can I assure you life,

Without correcting your dormants,


How can I weep,

Knowing a little truth out of whole,

How can I sleep,

Closing eyes, yet with missing goal,


How can I dance,

To a note, out of whole song,

How can I sing,

An alphabet, wouldn’t it be wrong?


How can I erase,

The feelings, which I never generated,

How can I live happily,

Showcasing smiles, hollow and poorly cemented