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He watches the lives of others through the end of a telephoto lens.

It’s 5:42 a.m. on an ordinary suburban housing estate and he’s been squatting for the past 6 hours in an unmarked delivery van when he catches a fleeting glimpse of a window-framed face. The same face that’s appeared at the same time at the same window on each day that he’s been here.

Parked in the driveway of the house opposite, he’s taken on the role (at least in his own imagination), of ethnographer studying and recording for academic posterity the esoteric habits and rituals of an hithertofore unknown indigenous society.He records in the neatest handwriting the ephemera of the lives of others.Their daily routines timetabled in line-ruled pocket notebooks of which he keeps more than sufficient under his seat.

Outside his ethereal realm as disembodied observer, in the lives of others a telephone rings.

Its receiver is lifted. It’s followed by a rush of silence.He adjusts his earphones and enters a menacing voicelessness.The spools of his tape-recorder engage.”Click , click ” as though a conductor is tapping his baton bringing an orchestra to order.

There is to his mind a haunting absence of noise. When telephones ring and their receivers are lifted, conversations follow. Except when they don’t and he catches another fleeting glimpse of the window-framed face that he saw just a few minutes ago.

Inexplicably, the receiver is replaced,” Click ” .The tape-recorder stops.

It’s 5:52 am and across the city in a sound studio on the fourth floor of an otherwise unremarkable office building the voices he’d captured less than 24 hours ago are on playback. Their rhythms and cadences mimic the lives of others.They hear him listening to them, listening to him listening.

Observed. Recorded. Collated. Analysed.



The lives of others
through the end of
a telephoto lens ;
A suburban cul-de-sac
with an unmarked delivery van
parked in the driveway
of the house opposite;
Ephemera of the lives of others
recorded in neat handwriting ,
daily routines timetabled in
line-ruled pocket notebooks ;
In the lives of others
a telephone rings ,
its receiver is lifted ,
there is a rush of silence ,
a menacing voicelessness ;
Their spools of tape engage
click , click ,
a haunting absence of noise ,
the receiver is replaced ,
click ;
In the soundproofed cellar
voices on playback
mimic the lives of others ,
they hear you listening to them
listening to you listening ;
observed , recorded ,
collated , analysed ,
click .