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When the truth is found to be lies ,
the trust you had within you dies ;

What future testimony then convinces ?
having put your trust in the words of princes ?

Their words nailed the body of truth to the tree of lies ,
Pharisees’ loud voices were lauded,those of the meekest despised ;

The Pharisees’ code of silence and fears ,
beat down the truth over the years ;

Until men could bear it no more ,
welcoming the breaking down of their prison’s door ;

Then bright shining as the sun ,
truth at last revealed to everyone ;

are there any righteous in the world ?
no , not one.

( Footnote : from The Guardian of 12 September 2012)

Hillsborough disaster report published – Wednesday 12 September

• Report casts doubt over original inquest ruling, revealing that 41 of the 96 victims ‘had the potential to survive’
• South Yorkshire police and emergency services made ‘strenuous attempts’ to deflect blame for the crush onto victims
• 116 of 164 police statements were ‘amended to remove or alter comments unfavourable to South Yorkshire police’
• Police carried out blood alcohol readings on victims, including children, in order to ‘impugn their reputations’
• PM David Cameron says he is ‘profoundly sorry’ for the ‘double injustice’ of the Hillsborough disaster.
• Kelvin MacKenzie, the Sun editor who wrote the infamous headline ‘The Truth’ on the front page story blaming fans, offers ‘profuse apologies’