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Nature’s Child

Nature’s Child

In this complex world
I long for tranquility
My brain gone numb
Body strung like guitar strings
Having traveled the highway of city life
A hefty toll I have paid

Confusion and noise
Penetrates my very core
Anxiety driven
Struggling to breath
Slowly suffocating
It calls to me

Softly , non-intrusive
It dares not knock
To rudely awaken me from slumber
Chooses instead to speak to me in whispers
Only I alone can hear
Words carried on a breeze

Caressing my mind
Nudging politely with a knowing touch
The forest
A worn dusty trail
Welcomes me
The earth delights in my footsteps

Fragrant breaths of pine and fir
Heighten my senses
The trees seem to smile, happy
For they do not know of anger or greed
Suspicion and lies
Blessedly oblivious

I walk on through tall tussock grasses
Gossamer webs
A spider’s pride
Intimidating beauty of intricate flowers
Delight in the air , breathing new life
Into my cold lifeless soul

Shedding my layers of Armour
I am lighter, weightless
Battles of past and present lost among the forest floor
My heart once hard, softened
Sunlight dapples through the trees
I embrace the warmth like a long lost lover

Serendipity washes over me
I set myself down on sun-baked rocks
My feet, now bare, soak in an elixir of coolness
Listening to the stream talk to the dipping willows
Telling secrets of nature, its story is patience
Accomplishing so much, with an unhurried pace

Lessons learned in a school of fish
Teaching subjects of renewal and growth
Cattails sit high in their seats
Studious, curious
I drift into a spiritual dream
Awaken to the humid light of a sinking sun
Whispering promises of a better tomorrow

What would you do?

Without Sight…
Never again to see dawn’s early light,
Orange-yellow glow of sunsets on water
Cherished sweet faces of a son or a daughter,
Techno-colored rainbows after the rain
Wildflowers in vases perched on a windowpane,
Snow covered mountains reaching for the sky
Touching the clouds in a tearful goodbye.

Without Touch…
The worn out pages of a favorite book
Numbing coolness of a fast moving brook,
Soft fluffy fur of a month old kitten
Rough wool texture of a lost red mitten,
Jagged edges in the shape of your heart
Lovers embrace when they have to part.

Without Smell…
Baking bread with visions of home
Wind-weary oceans salty sea foam,
Cuban dark coffee, aromatic and rich
Fragrant smoke from a campfires pitch,
Spices of cinnimon, rosemary, and savory
Pungent smell of a fighters bravery.

Without Taste…
Ambrosia delight of a just-ripened peach
Chocolatey sweetness hidden just out of reach,
Honey in hot tea just before bed
Bitter words better left unsaid,
Icy cold beer on a hot summer day
Fruity red wine to chase the blues away.

…what would you do?


I watched her from afar
An observer
Hiding behind dog-eared pages
of a well-loved book
Her cheeks, soft, delicate
colored magenta
by the unforgiving wind
Voices climb and fall
I hear opera through the trees
Lovers intertwined
on a blanket of forever
Her hands, weathered
folded calmly in her lap
A ship sounds a lonely call
A cry from the sea
In her eyes I see a lifetime
of tales
Did she know love?
Droplets of rain
fall from the sky
I rise
as does she
Our time
as time
often does…

A Boy and A Girl

She dances with the breeze
In a meadow fair
Sunlight plays and catches
With the flowers in her hair

He hides enraptured amongst the trees
Taken with the tranquil site
Her beauty so luminescent
Framing a face of porcelain white

She sings in hushed whispers
A voice as soft as snow
Closing his eyes, he drifts away
Invisioning angels all aglow

He will take her by the hand
Sit by a sparkling stream
Steal a glance, steal a kiss
Lay her down gently in a sunbeam

…it was only a dream…