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I gaze out my window
To my garden below
Warm tea in a cup
I wait for the show

With minitaru quickness
Hummingbirds appear
So delicate and tiny
Do they know fear?

They are so sleek
In their reddish green coats
Fliting from flower to flower
Enjoying a springtime shower

I never tire from this view
It brings warmth to my soul
How they fly and hover
Tease and chase one another

I wish to be like them
Would I hover in fright?
Or would I let myself go
Into full freedom flight…

Lost Innocence

In a child’s eyes
I see my reflection
Staring into a rain soaked puddle
With pointed finger
I erase imperfection

Softly, I smile
It is early September
Memories rain down
From a clouded mind
Do I want to remember?

Sun so bright
Scorching hot
Glistening dew drops
Soft white petals of daisies
He loves me, he loves me not

Lying in the wet grass
I hide close to the ground
Do you seek me? Who do you seek?
Sinking deeper and deeper
I don’t want to be found

Counting to ten
I hear laughter and turn
Where have you gone?
Searching high and low
Hard lessons I learn

Childhood games
Played in a forest so dense
Young hearts run free
Imposing storms move in
Raping their innocence

Stripped bare
Like a tree in the cold
Look into my soul
Angry and disillusioned
I feel so old

Summertime Blues

In wind swept desolate grasses
I lay gazing at the sky above
Dreams pass like floating clouds
In a blue azure canvas of love

Salty air fresh from the sea
Roses, Honeysuckle, and Thyme
Sweet fragrances speak to my senses
Take over me, wash away my defenses

Dragonflies like warriors slice through the air
Monarch butterflies majestically free
Cicadas sing a soulful song
A song yet to be found in me

Sunshine shining through me
Lighting me from within
Warm like a childhood blanket
Feels like home on my silky skin


We stand tall
Amidst them all
Volumes of Mystery
Windows into history

Tales of lost lovers
Hiding under soft covers
Praying for tomorrow
Words of heartbreaking sorrow

Stories of resentment and hate
Endings deciding our fate
Slowly turning the pages
Quickly suppressing our rages

Pages of horror, our demons so near
Holding our breath against deep-seated fear
Among wars that were won, were lost
Will we ever know the true cost?

Take me to a different land
Of beautiful oceans and white-washed sand
Let the words like waves wash over me
Untie my chains and set me free

Into a world where troubles are few
Everything is shiny and new
No more feeling tarnished and used
Pages torn out, lost and abused

Dare to put down the book
Open your eyes and take a good look
Read the last chapter
…no happily ever after

Irridescent Dreams

In restless sleep
Beautiful dreams
To hold and keep
Palette of vivid colors
A Van Gogh masterpiece
Silhouette of lovers
Blue like a velvet night sky
Painted with falling stars
Wishes made on days gone by
Flecks of gold and silver
Touches of lust
Make me shiver
Yellow blazing energy
Filling me with warmth
Setting me free
From nightmares bathed in black
Sombre shades of brown
I cannot turn back
Green as a meadow lush
We lay among the flowers
Daisies in white and pink
A shy girl’s blush
Horizon of purple hue
Bruising and sensual
I reach for you
Red of a heated embrace
Brushed with vigorous strokes
Leather and lace
Kisses like crimson
Urgent and wanting
Open the gates of my prison