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We wake up with this surreal disbelief
If we can survive another long day…
Like the anxiety of a blank page.

We walk with compelling iron shackles
Tied to a wooden peg, never cut loose…
Like how we become the shadow that follows.

We eat strategies and drink motivation
Not counting the lines along our face…
Like time adding another spoke to its wheel.

Aren’t we mighty enough to rise above
The settling ashes that pull us down,
Like the legendary bird born again?

Aren’t we fluid enough not to stay defined
But spread through our sunny sketches,
Like those invigorating dreams during sunrise?

Aren’t we seekers of life and beyond
Evolving through meaning derived in a flash,
Like monks lit up with moments of epiphanies?

Aren’t we the free souls of cosmos
Unaffected by time and our thoughts
Destined to bring light from a dead star?


We are scavengers feeding on the past
Digging the cold grave sentiments.
Rumination casts our vain glory to ever-last
Bulging a baggage of hoary sediments.

We are wanderers seeking perfection
Roving towards goals and victory.
The path twines and winds till the horizon
Raising the uncertainty and our misery.

We are blessings of this moment and now
Decked by hueful threads of memory and fantasy.
Today is the only truth time would allow
For us to re-enact our life built on fallacy.