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Starved to Liberation


You came as a dash
with no great bash
held my hands
to walk the sands,
to play the tides.
to sit along idle,
to dance all tunes
to face all music.

Like a magical outpour
was my heart’s galore,
I gave you care
from fate’s harsh glare,
I gave you time
forĀ  you to rhyme,
I gave you riches
to buffer your glitches,
I made you joyous
still you were aimless
I loved you dearer
you never did mirror.

I did finally realise
what you actually idealise,
skinnish warmth was your want
wimpish heart all your grant,
slavish servant at your disposal
biggish blank cheque for perusal,
staying together
you were a backstabber,
starved of love and life proper
you were an emotional blackmailer,
its a concealed sweet vengeance
pronouncing a lifetime sentence.

Enough is enough was what my stance
Still I did gave you ample final chance,
springing suprise by your dirty enterprise
crocodile tears now you exercise,
pleading heart’s asylum with all your flirtness
falling at the feet with the inborn fakeness.

My stance was right to let you go
All your tricks gave you backblow,
Although starved of love and life
I emphathize after all the strive,
You were a desperate, hapless soul
mastered by escapist mind on a whole,
with an unremovable wickedness to the core!
I am starved no doubt ,severely starved of love’s fluttering,
severely starved,only to be liberated from life’s suffering.