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Wise or Weird

He was acting weird
Running and jumping
In the middle of a road
Rolling down the road
Playing with pebbles
Singing and laughing
Crying and weeping
All simultaneously
I found myself engrossed
In his act of innocence
For all obvious reasons
He was mentally sick
Was he?
No, because what
He did next
Proved he was
More than wise
He came to me
And handed me a note
It read
Do you need someone
In your life?
I am saying this
Because you seemed so cool
It seemed you were
In no hurry
To go home
When everybody else was
If that’s true
You can call me
Because as you could see
I too am in no hurry
To go home
I smiled
And was about
To tear the note
When something stopped me
And I placed it in my wallet

Blessing and Curse

Calling from old home
Said the voice that side
Your father is serious
Needs urgent treatment
Old home cannot afford the treatment
You need to contribute
I don’t bother
Said the voice this side
Next day the phone rang again
Your husband is serious
He met with an accident
Both his kidneys are damaged
You need to look for a donor
She rushed to the hospital
Finds that some old man from some old home
Died that morning
Leaving behind his kidney
For someone needy
Doctor said the kidney matched perfectly
Is Giving really a matter of abundance?
Or is it a matter of blessing
Some people are blessed with a giving heart
Others are cursed with a closed mind
Upbringing is defeated
When someone is truly cursed
May all be blessed
May no one be cursed

A beauty falls for a beast
A priest falls for a whore
Is the almighty cursing the blessed
Or is it that
The cursed is being blessed
Both are lives and both are lived
Why indulge in the difference
Blessing Vs Curse
May the curse be cursed
May we be blessed!
May we be blessed!
In whatever way we are cursed
May we be blessed still
The world needs to be blessed
The world needs fatherly blessings
For the almighty God to exist

Belief and Faith

You ask a priest

Does God exist?

Same way as you ask your beloved

Do you love me?

A non-believer is Good

A doubtful is ill


A non-believer

Is equipped with a belief

If not God

If not Love

It may be himself

A non-believer is a believer

Something firm he does stand upon

Once a doubtful

Always a doubtful

Doubting his own existence

Will never believe anything

Standing on moving sand


Believe in what comes out of you

Have faith in what rests in you

Everything outside is a glass wall

That is not you

Just a reflection of something

Unknown, unseen, untouched by you






She was so cute
But different
So engrossed in herself
She had nothing to do with the world around
How happily she lived
In the dark small cell
Of an asylum
Till one day, she was sentenced to freedom
And forced to live in the asylum outside
Surrounded by crazy, mindless idiots
Cursed she was
Cursed with beauty
Beauty as transparent
As a dazzling glass
As subtle as a soap bubble
She floated weightlessly in the air of freshness
Carrying a brilliance of colours within
Her beauty was not transparent enough
As could pass the thin skin
And touch the souls
At least for a cur
How could she be safe
In the end her innocence
Was carried away
In a flow of virgin blood
She was lucky enough
Not to know
What she was going through
She would get up with the same brilliance
Of million suns on her face
And leave behind the Devils
Moistened with wet shame
Nothing to do with the world around
She still lived happily
In this open and vast asylum
I wish her touch could change
The animals into humans

A Perfect End


Three friends
New year’s eve
And a dangerous game
Yes, you heard it right
They are about to swap
Their life partners
For a night
Simply, Just a night’
As they said
Seemed that easy
To the fools
Was it really that easy?

The truth of that night
Dawned upon them
But only after
Their lives turned a mess
The same mess
As they made of love
Is it a surprise
That love avoids them, NOW
The so-called
‘Just a night’
Was the night enough
To ruin their entire life
Someone tells me
One of the friends
Was murdered
One of them imprisoned

And the one who survived
Was smart enough
To fully understand the game
He went to the room
Where his wife was
Waiting for him
Every end has a beginning
How true!
How stupid we are
That sometimes we fail to understand

The beginning of an end


——–The End——–


My arms have turned
Stiff and still
They stare at me
With eyes devoid of wetness
It has been long
Since I hugged you
I thought I was enough for me
I miss a bit of me
That is away from me
Hanging somewhere between the lines of a memoir
Why do I love to live this incomplete self of mine
Why did I gift a piece of my peace to you
Is love peace
Or unease
Is love a chain
Or freedom
What makes you gift
Gods kingdom of yours
To somebody else
Who never bothers
Earth is self-centric
Is that way
It is able to give away
The rays of sun
To every inch
Learning to be self centric
Is the key to be system centric
Life is not a memoir
It is the floor I stand on
The earth
The self centric earth