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Notes on the Passage of Time

In empty rooms

filled with the scent

of nicotine and loneliness,

once shining

memories of bronze

turned verdigris

through harsh winters;




the dots and dashes

of life

rendered indecipherable

by the passing of time;

Its fragile tones

a melancholy tune

on an old music box

that echoes in empty rooms;

Bereft of




My poetry is a revolution

My pen isn’t for decoration
My poetry, not a symbol of intellectual sophistication
My pen is a living organism
And my poetry is a revolution

For if it’s not
Then I must shred each paper
Where I spread that supreme
That presence In the inklings
To let the poetry breathe and live
To hug another heart
Or become a home to someone
It’s not me but HIM through me

I am only a vehicle
Of bringing meaning to this business of living
My poetry is not a track to reach somewhere
But it itself, every second of doing it itself is the destination
Where I and HE meet
If it wasn’t
Then what was the need for me to write?

Aurora & Avalanche

Avalanche of thoughts
flooding and tossing
in the cold valley of mind.
It attacks by uneven edges
in all seasons insensitively.

A sincere wish
to silence this tumultuous
I sought refuge for an arena
where thoughts hardly exist.
The strongest desire made me fall
onto the lap of gentle aurora.
The delicate calmness sucked
coldness of deafening clamour.

A soothing sensation
I felt never before.
Unattached completely
from everything, everyone
I experienced some lightness.
The light and joy was beyond words.

I could feel invisible wings
taking me to higher levels
on the wings of aurora.
The tranquillity led me
to fireworks of blissful moments.

I wish to remain there forever
While making it as my abode…!

© Maaya Dev

Divine Sonnet 3

In praise of God I write this soulful verse
You are the only Truth that I do know,
You are my self’s divine healer and nurse
I follow your path wherever I go.
This joyous world of yours, where I live in,
I have a blissful journey,full of mirth.
Where your supreme-self lives, being unseen,
O Lord ! each day my soul enjoys on earth.
My body and mind with you I do unite,
And I forget my earthly life of pain.
I soar in the blue like a flying kite,
And being free, I feel on earth heaven.
When I shall go to your abode to meet ,
I surrender my soul to your Holy feet.

Divine Sonnet 2

My Lord,when I connect my soul with you
With your divine supreme self,full of bliss
My inner self gets purg’d and becomes new.
Then I become no more an earthly piece.
My lesser self which longs for mundane thing,
By your sweet love and touch, changes its mold
My soul centers round you, O hear my King !
In my pure heart I wear a crown of gold.
O Lord! You are my self’s ultimate goal,
Your selfless love enlightens my dark mind.
You are the anchor of my heart and soul,
In you a calm and peaceful world I find.
My larger self when feels your grace and charm.
This earthly longings can make me no harm.

Beacon of Enlightment

Passing through the woods aimlessly

I was caught with some thoughts

Of some old feathers as retrospection

In reminiscence of some golden memories

I stopped by the woods

Sat alongside the river

Whole serenity in muse

Tranquil sky in sync, channelizing breeze

Nature’s symphony, rainbows rehearsing

Koel’s cajoling, peacock dancing

moment juxtaposing moment

to beget life.

A finite sequel of moments


till the moment ceases

for a new beginning

or, never to follow the sequel.

I watched the moon was playing

under the stars riveted sky

down in the river

 fireflies’ drop the light

and I was feeling the warmth

of thousand splendid suns

as beacon of enlightenment.

© Maaya Dev