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A soul reborn

In this flawless, placid lake of healing

I come to take a bath,

as the bright canvas of blue above me,

Whisper a symphony of silence.

The calm blue lake, a moving mirror,

like a sacred vision,

invites me within its quiet stream,

crystal and pure, in its depths,

I’m like a soul reborn.

In the hidden energy of the limpid water

My broken spirit rejoices with me.

Spirit Breath

Bursting through stars, dissolving in colour, bright
Breathe In
Tornado inside, shards swirling fast, light
Breathe Out
Deep down in darkness, feelings sinking, dim
Breathe In
Crying into the night, body sobs, shouts
Breathe Out

Wind blows lifting leaves into the air, its dusk
Heart beating, birds listen, beat repeats.
Breathe In
Branches sway, birds fly South, away
Breathe Out

Sound from within, tap tap tickle
A flute is playing inside my ear, shush quiet!
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Released from doubt,
I laugh out loud!
Spirit! I Am that!
I Am the One who breathes
Life In and Life Out. Ah I see!
Breathe In, Breathe Out
Expanding Creation to Infinity!

Nature’s Siblings at the Shore

Flesh witnessing water tumbling over stone

North wind breathing hard and chasing waves come crashing home

Eternal rhythm of rocks spitting foam

Sending whiteness skyward, outward into crannies as it roams.


Wave spilling over itself to greet each rock afresh

Weaving, heaving forward in a wet power press

To endure this ceaseless motion can the rocks alone contest

Stubborn ocean conversation, the one I love the best.


Me watching ancient daughters of mother earth converse

My hair flies as wind surges and so together purse

These three sisters in Nature’s song and ever endless verse

They have the power to cast a spell or dissolve a wicked curse.


When I am no longer standing watching from the shore

The waves will greet the rocks from now on till ever more

Realizations of Eternity, I too am Spirit at the Core

When I listen, I am present, in the NOW, not the after or before.

My Flight Is Endless

My flight is endless,
I see of his Holy spirit,
I am not down on earth, but above it all, with wings at flight,
My flight is endless to the spirit,
gliding to the right then the left,
soaring with winds from the east,
and growing tall with the trees;

My flight is endless,
The mission is not done until then,
My wings are earned not that of obedience,
nor sincerity only because I love him,
My flight is endless,
until Jesus says, come on home,
I want to be at flight through your Holy spirit
I am asking of you Lord to guide me;

I want so much to understand,
what it is that I need to know,
I want clarity of my heart Lord,
because of you Lord;

I’ve made it thus far,
but knowing your’re ten steps ahead of it all,
I know my flight is endless,
It’s not even half full,
otherwise I don’t know what to do I’m lost,
I want you to give me flight endlessly;

Where my soul soars in your Holy name,
You have given me wings Lord to fly to see from up above,
thus far I have not gone far enough,
I want your guidance,
I want you to show me more,
I want to be fulfilled of you,
I only want love.

( by Feon Davis )