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A soul reborn

In this flawless, placid lake of healing

I come to take a bath,

as the bright canvas of blue above me,

Whisper a symphony of silence.

The calm blue lake, a moving mirror,

like a sacred vision,

invites me within its quiet stream,

crystal and pure, in its depths,

I’m like a soul reborn.

In the hidden energy of the limpid water

My broken spirit rejoices with me.


I time travelled
I moment moved
Through freezing fog
Through stilled air

Where dreams blend with reality
Where souls battle in serenity
In the deep of the night
In the depth of despair

I crossed the seven hills
I crossed the seven seas
Where lost souls hover endlessly
Where cursed souls wail in peril

I saw where the earth
And the heaven unite
There my journey begins

My Little Soul

My soul,

A definitive inner standard by which,

I think, feel and will,

Is the substance of my human body.

My spirit and body  differ,

Body, the physical object of me,

Will live until my passing,

And then break down.

Individuals join soul to one’s identity.

Now and again, it is connected with the psyche.

The Soul is profound rather than physical.

It is unfading,

It will keep on living autonomously,

Even after I kick the bucket.

The Untethered Soul


A drop of heavenly honey

absorbed by the warmth of a womb.

The sweetness gets melted by the touch of love.

Ah!  An untethered soul slowly comes into being.


The fragrance of virgin emotion is filled

with a mother’s dream and a father’s pride.

Beautiful sprouting of parenthood’s desire.

The divine soul inhales the breath of their love

and smiles without knowing the unknown.

It grows and awaits with all enthusiasm

to witness the divine surreal union of dusk and dawn

to decipher the various hues of life and its beauty.


Despite, beyond the dominion of all protocols

Lay the role of karma, the tricky play of destiny.

In the itinerary, the identity of soul is lost, frozen!


Unknowingly, I know, I am a bruised bud

who may never bloom with all its beauty.

Yet I would emit the fragrance of purity and

embrace the world with all my cosmic love.


I am a special child, an unresolved puzzle.

For the obvious reasons I would be invited

by faked smiles and myriad question marks

which I may deal with all my innocence

from all the stares coming my way from the world.


Determined, I fought and fled

the dungeon of time to embrace love,

the survival instinct of life.

Neverthless least I understand

what is curse or blessing

nor the ABC of expression or emotions.


But I know for my beloved I am their life and hope

who love and care for me unconditionally

in a least way that you decipher any truism.


I am the special one bestowed with rare blessings.

I struggle to convey with my strange language I know

that one day I will reciprocate as you wish and pray

I will fill your life with love you showered untiringly

as time will resolve the puzzle you live with all the day.


Power of miracle will erase all doubts,

It is my promise I convey so innocently

Through my smiles, I deliver time to time.


© Maaya Dev

Foot notes – The poetic version of one of my prose work prose  (The Untethered Soul)

from ‘The Significant Anthology’.

Slipping Soul

I feel my soul slipping away,
I couldn’t do anything about that,
I feel no pain, nothing,
When I’m with you…
Which makes me yearn for your presence,
More and more…
Those times were forgotten,
Those moments were memories,
I’m missing you so badly,
Living off in fear of losing you,
Where is our love ?
Did it end and faded away ?
Anything I can do,
To make you stay with me,
Forever and ever ?



Even breathing seems to be such a burden.

How do I unburden myself from this deep sense of worthlessness.

Innumerable times have I fought this upsurge of negative emotions,

Battled a thousand waves of despair,

Is this turbulence forever?

The more I discard it from within me the more it wraps me,

Oh! how many times should  I shed you?

How many times do you seep deep into my mind?

I collapse famished,

But, my soul you cannot touch,

Each time you attack me, my soul stays untouched,

It remains a source of energy and everything positive,

It lifts my body and gives the energy to battle everything that you pose with all your might.

You stand destroyed and my soul remains a constant companion to this weary body.

Rare Love

A feeling so hard to explain
But easiest to express
Never knew it exists
Till the moment I met you
My heart skipped more than a beat
That smile on your face melted my heart like heat on ice
The shattered pieces of my heart
Starts to fit together at the sound of your sweet slick voice

Your gentle gesture, a balm to my aching heart
When I wasn’t searching for love
Your love found me, though you had no idea
When I thought the wall around my heart were so thick nothing could penetrate
Just a simple hello from you brought it all down.

Its so natural for you to touch my heart with your sweetness
You wonder what I see in you when I could hardly explain myself
‘Cause it wasn’t my eyes that found you
But my heart, that found its mate.

An Aimless Journey of Two Souls

Two heavenly roads diverged into this callous world,
I took the one less travelled by;
And my soul-mate took the other,
Where she got stuck in huge traffic jam.

I have been looking for her for years,
And I know, for sure,
Now she is looking for me too,
But in opposite directions.

Let Saint Valentine light her tank of love,
Let her come to the crossroads where I still misfire.

(Dhaka, 11 February 2014)

My Soul Song

Stilling the sound into silence

Feeling where I flow

Towards one point, presencing

Towards the center, deep down

Where I dare to go.


Souls spark from the Eternal Fire

Wants to speak in a certain way

Answering my divine hearts desire

Expressing through hands and feet

All the ways to be and play.


Softly embracing life in dance

As with another man, another woman

Inviting me to grow, Spiraling into Love

Engaged in Life, In delicious Flow

As above, so below!

Written 13th August 2013.

From The Shadows of Your Oblivion

Dust rests
On the frames
Of memories that are
Mine alone now..
Adorn my dreams
That are of days
When you were around…
Waves lapping
The shoreline
Recede back to the ocean
As if knowing
That it’s just me now…
The sun sets
Without a farewell
As if I don’t matter
Without you…
But then,
They all are right,
For, my existence
Was sketched out
Only by your fingertips;
My lips were
Traced and discovered
Only by your lips;
My soul took form
Only when the light
From your eyes
Shone into me…
Today, left alone
With these fond thoughts
Of mine alone,
I hide in the shadows
Of irreversible oblivion,
Which is, for once,
Not mine, but yours…