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Desert Rose

Blood stained bright hues starkly piercing

those occasional travellers gasping thirsty , 

Doomed not you are, to delight those weary eyes,

nor be a cynosure of a vibrant young muse of vase, 

Damned destiny to gaze those dreary mounds

  of undulating sand dunes,blessed with a drop-less shower,

Drooping daily ,still glances earnestly at her Sun Love, 

Smiling her petallous heart , bearing hot diurnal shrivels, 

Wilting beauty withholding hopes, dry fast to a daring death !

Smiling Sun is not Yours,He smiles at infinite roses of Universe, 

Rain yourself copiously by your springing tears of inner tides,

Strip yourself merrily, shedding each metallic shine of petals ,

Spread yourself  dry and dead , a cushiony cotton bed you serve,

Search yourself in the scorching air, for your scent still stays on ….