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The Last Call


I can sense my time is up

I can feel my soul is parting

I can’t leave nor can I fight

Link of body to soul is fragile.


The heaven is waiting for me

I can’t escape nor postpone.

All my promises are breaking

casting away all chains of bond.


In a flashback I glanced my life

Love felt, tears shed, joys shared,

Wealth gained, Wisdom acquired,

‘Stare’ gave me a sheepish disownment.


Today I am somebody with name

Tomorrow I will be nobody with flesh

While embracing the only truth left

I bid farewell to embark a fresh journey !!


© Maaya Dev

Letting go

One day when you are old and grey
You will think upon this time
With care and wisely realize
The depth of this gold mine

The treasure that is deep within
Contains a precious jewel
Lessons thick yet patience thin
Feelings celebrate renewal

The colors of my soaring kite
Are made of red and blue
When high, they all fade to white
The purist love for you

My love it does not ever cease
Because you deeply hurt me
My heart will mend, it will find peace
And hold a place for thee

So go in peace along your way
And I will go in mine
I hope that very soon, someday
You reach pure love sublime