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Deutschland Uber Alles !

Days spangled with splendour

irridescent dreams realised ,

made real in space ,

in time

in History

on days like this ;

Myths etched in friezes

fabled in inexhaustible eidolon ,

In all brightest heaven

and in the shining Sun

who else shall glut

the screaming eagles’ greed

now the victory is won ?

Four-Four-Two :(The best poem about Soccer,ever.)

A Poem of Two Halves

two halves,
first one side
then the other,
to and fro
contesting middle-of
-the-park, 4-4-2,
Versus 5-3-2,
Yellow Card!Red
Card!Yellow Card!Red
Card!, the touchline
fight, the linesman’s
Flag! waving vainly,
As the Home fans
Roar ” OFF SIDE!!”
No doubt Still
It’s a
AWAY fans
Go away

(This performance poem works best with large classes split into 2 groups and have them alternately “ooh” and “aah” terraces style,at the end of each line.it has proved to be the most performed and enduring of all in my poetry masterclasses in schools over the years)