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Corona: The Purger

     Corona: The Purger

How beautiful and alive the days look like!
The smoke of material man has fade away,
The ‘waters are so ultramarine’
the firmament so pure,
Far from the Himalayas are seen crystal clear.
The birds chirp on the trees,
animals stroll onto roads and in reeds,
now the fishes and the frogs are free
to ‘leap about and play’ but we
Stuck in the cells of unbearable noise.
Unheard clamour and heard solitude is heard on roads and in fields
‘Cause Corona is here!
Corona, the avenger of the fowls
And friend of the innocents.

Mid-1980’s Scorpions’ Rock Ballad

We lost our way so long ago ,

and never found our way back ,

though we kept searching

and searching and searching

and we’re searching still ;

For that way back to those days ,

with their blue sky mornings

and golden sunsets ;

which we somehow have lost

on our way to a future

that betrayed us ,

left our dreams dying dying

dying to return once again ,

to those days we lost forever

with their blue sky mornings

and golden sunsets ,

which we can no longer see

with our blind eyes.

Welfare Dependency : Ode to Skivers

No legs, no arms , no eyes
it came as quite a surprise ,
when I heard the Man on the radio say
how healthy I was feeling today ;

No legs, no arms , no eyes
he asked who was I to criticise ,
the Man on the radio said it was fair
to expect me to somehow get out of my chair ;

No legs, no arms , no eyes
the Man on the radio wanted no sad sighs ,
he said I could try to crawl out of the door
and get a job polishing the floor ;

The Man on the radio said
my condition had official data clear and empirical ,
to qualify for any benefits now
would require an old fashioned miracle .

On June 10 2013 ,the present UK government introduced new.lower rates of benefit payments,subject to periodic ” fit for work” re-assessments for all disabled claimants .)