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She and He

She couldn’t stand him,
but she couldn’t let him go either.
Her body moved away,
but her soul longed for his embrace.
Her mind cried betrayal,
while her heart skipped a beat.
Her eyes chased him in parties,
yet she couldn’t meet his eyes.
She loathed his touch,
but loved its shudder.
She wanted his memories uprooted,
but had his portrait on her wall of love.
She tried hard to appear normal,
but her breath gave it away.

His eyes also chased her,
to enjoy her crumbling in his stare.
He would hug her time and again,
to feel her melt and shrivel.
His eyes had a naughty sparkle
that embarrassed her no end.
He would poke her often
and quench from her blushing.

She had wanted to box him
in the societal label of marriage,
but he was a free bird
that she couldn’t cage.
So they drifted apart
with her carrying the weight of love,
while he blessed and let her go
like a flower releases fragrance.
She strongly held the pain of
‘what could have been’
and ‘what was not’,
but couldn’t accept the joy of
‘what had been’
and ‘what actually was’.

Through his unabashed teasing
he told her without telling
that there was freedom
in letting go.

Goodness Of Love

Morning sun

Brightens your face

Arms around my waist

Sleeping like a child

The alarm rings

You push me softly

Against the warmth of your heart

In apprehension of me

Taking leave of you

I big smile greets my face

As I remember the words

You whispered to me last night

“No more grabbing of empty sheets

I want you by my side

As I open my eyes

For me, my first moment

Without you is like,

A day without day,

Breath without breath

A life without life

Please be with me

Till the end of my sleep

And beginning of my day”

It is not easy for me either

To deprive me of your warmth

Sometimes goodness needs a pause

To be more delightful and valuable

Love Whisper

You are so beautiful
Like a rose
More delicate than a rose
In fact you are an aqua-rose
Interplay of beautiful colours
Yet colourless
Amazing flow of shapes
Yet shapeless
A glowing soul
Revealed by a transparent self
You are so pure
I fear my feelings may
Render you impure
So I decide to whisper
Into your eyes
Through mine