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Jeux Sans Frontieres

The dark blue uniform speaks to us
in a language we don’t understand ,
the carriage we’re in stinks
even with the windows open ;
pervasive cloying tobacco ,
sweat ,dried vomit ,urine unwashed bodies
pressed almost obscenely together ;
Days have passed us by un-numbered
miles trekked without signposts ,
like snakeskins old habits of
hope , purpose ,civility ,empathy
have been discarded amid
the ashes and rubble ;
The dark blue uniform speaks to us again ,
this time in tortuous worldservice BBC english
we are being transported to a reception camp
to be registered and await further instruction ;
the carriage we’re in still stinks
and some more children need to use the toilet..

weighed against the ashes of the tears

Untidy time and tide return
as blood unfolds
and houses burn,
as children cry as they journey on
to other lands
for theirs has gone.

And limbs lie strewn across their way
from easy prey
who simply lived before migrant fear
destroyed the old
and they fell victim here.

And all who seek to move frontiers
with bomb or gun or knife or spears
should place them in a balance
weighed against
the ashes of the tears.