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Regret the mismatch

Wish I was like everybody else

Not because I want to

Don’t want them to take

The trouble of reaching

My levels

Though they think

To be better off

I know I am the special best

How magical

Balanced steps to a misbalanced life

Dis-balanced steps to a balanced life

I heard a friend is around

Hiding behind that corner

Enough for me for the rest of my life

Why then change

And honestly speaking

Have a secret desire

I pray for them

To be deprived of

Such wonderful life





Judge ,Jury and Executioner

The verdict was reached

before you were even arrested ;

Evidence had been planted

before the crime itself took place ;

Witnesses recognised your distinctive features

though they’d never seen you before ;

Your DNA and fingerprints were discovered by

forensics who couldn’t find what they were looking for;

Clueless detectives and incompetent policing

led them unerringly to your door ;

Your accomplices though you had none

betrayed you to save themselves ;

As the toxic cocktail enters your veins

you can take comfort from the words of Saint-Just ;

Nature wouldn’t condemn an innocent man ,

clearly there’s been a mistake .

Another Day

A slow ,slow morning

carapaced with expectation,

lilted into life

by a Delius melody

billowing from the radio;

somehow right,

somehow apposite,


the myriad frost-hued windows

illumined by tentative

strokes of sunlight,




its own promise.

Steam Queen

Bathing alone in
A candle lit dream
Upon the glass
Etched in steam
The lady elegant
As a queen

Silent mist twirls
Around her silhouette
Upon a window pane
Shadows wet
Stars above swirl as
She stares at me
As if to say
Draw me quick
Before I fade away
To other dimensions
To another plane
Where all is nonsense
And no one is sane

Lingering as long
As it takes to capture
Her memory before
She makes her departure
Water whirling
Down the drain
Questions fly with her
What and why?
While I remain
Who am I?

My tree chair

Go sit in that tree
On limbs of love
Take up your chair
And just be there
Look to the sky above!

Unfold your arms
Breathe wide your heart
Open your eyes
Receive the surprise
Prepare a new start!

Smile a broad grin
To all in your sight
Flashing Spirit
Take time, renew it
Know all IS all right!

From your nice chair
In those arms above
Tell something new
Whatever you do
About Me,

Ice Rose

Frozen flower on window pane
Caught in glorious pose
Crystal necklace, interwoven
Waterdrops, a perfect rose
Soul sculptured ice rain
Seducing rays of sunshine
On glass before my face
Turning ice into steamy sublime
Clouds of thought that race
Stirring someplace inside my mind
A frozen rose, an ice rose,
A memory imprinted on my heart
Since before the start of time
Melting illusions of reality
And me.