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I am an aquarian
Yet I crave for the unstoppable aqua-flow
Covering incredible distances
Facing every rock, every mountain 
With amazing grit and wit
An ocean, a sea, the destiny
That seems so untouchable
Yet made possible
By a simple feeble creek
Yes I am an aquarian
I have a dream
The dream of an ocean
A dream is a dream,is a dream
What matters most is this
Who had the dream?
Can I be the creek
That meets its dream
Yes I want to be an ocean
A drop yet an ocean

I Have A Dream

I have a dream

It has a cost

Quite often I am lost

Not in the dream

But in the cost

My eyes prove a bad host

Not ready to pay the cost

The result is that

My dreams are lost

And I am reduced to living

Just living

And you never know

What I live

Prove my own dreams

Behind a different skin

And those eyes may be mine