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A: I see you flaunting your flirting persona, isn’t it embarrasing?
B: Yes it is, actually less embarrasing than raping, abusing or beating
A: But it is abnormal, isn’t it?
B: Yes it is, Actually less unusual than a girl being molested in public transport
Less unusual than the view of a woman lying naked on road for hours and hours, injured and inflicted with pain
Less unusual than the cries of a woman being kicked and punched
You are right, my attitude is unusual but not as unusual
I very well know the difference between appreciation and molestation

Bruised and Battered

Bruised and battered
Her soul shattered
She lies on the road
Raped in the bus she board
Raped in the cab she board
She lies on the road
Seen and ignored
Tongues moving towards her
In search of a story
Feet moving away
Cutting a figure so sorry
She lies on the road
For hours and hours
Who bothers
Who cares
Everybody fares
Look there, escape away fathers
Of their daughters
See that, they turn around,
Brothers of their sisters
For every step moving away
Humanity runs away
From the world.