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Echoing Dream

Don’t be troubled
I will not walk the hall
You will not see me smile
You won’t hear me say your name

I will not walk in your life
I don’t expect an invite
Nor a warm welcome
If we cross path
I will pretend I don’t know you
As you wish

Don’t be trouble
It is not like before
I said your name
I smiled at you
As you smiled back at me
You heard my voice
I heard your laughter

Everything was just an echo
An echo of our past
It is no longer real
An echoing dream
An illusion


Parted way
Meeting again
Thirteen years!
Delete me in your memory
I would delete you

I want to forget
Help me forget
Lost in a dream
Awaken dream

God have mercy
Let Me Let go of Him
Let Him Let go of Me

Denial of Revelation
Truth will prevail
A promise is a promise
Only time can tell

Maybe not now
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe Next month
And maybe Next year

Holding dear to a promise of Heaven
Still in Denial of truth
I will still meet you there

A Day in the Wilderness

I find myself walking in dark path of frustration
Bitter and Angry
Sad and Gloomy

It is a long walk into the light again
A path opens
A path into my fantasy
Sweet Fantasy
Romantic Fantasy
Frustrating fantasy

You wait for me
Standing by the open door
You reach for me
I walk towards you and take your hand

We walk into the house
God only knows what will happen
Behind the close door

I awake in the morning
I regret that moment
I walk away while your sleeping on your bed
I walk out of the house
I walk back into the despair path of life

The path that leads to you disappear
I walk alone
Frustrated with tears flowing down my cheeks

A new path opens leading into my sanctuary
I walk into my sanctuary
I close the door
I cry
My soul is downcast

I desire the things I can’t have
I lie on my bed
I close my eyes
I sleep

I had an awful day, yesterday
I had an awful night
Now, I’m walking into the bright path again
I can see everything clearly

Despair left
I can smile again