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How do I cross
This sea of Idiots
Every eye stupidly curious
Of my actions
Too keen to accept
The lies
I know no sword
That cuts through this crowd
No I am not shy
Not shy of nature
Trees, sky, flowers
Moons and stars
Why do I feel
Shy of these
And I thank God for this
I surrender to you my lord
I call upon you my ship
Please get me on board
Give me courage
To play my small role
In this crazy drama called life
That I play in this castle of air called world

A Prayer to the Divine Mother

A Prayer to the Divine Mother

Ma(1), the dark clouds never failed
In enhancing the Beauty of  Infinite Sky.
Nor even the black spots scattered
Over the Full Moon on the Pournami(2) day.

Ma, but the clouds of my ignorance, mass of rust
Ever fail miserably me
In reaching Thy lovely holy blessed Lotus Feet
Throwing away from Thee.

Would Thou heal the wound, named ignorance?
Afflicting the mind, the turbulent and violent.
The habituated grains ingrained, named desires;
None ever dared to count these unnumbered!

Thou art the Ocean of Knowledge
Filled with endless waves of Unconditional Love
Clasping the little one in Thy Hands
Heal me from the disease of ignorance.

– Sridhar

1. ‘Ma’ means mother

2. Pournami: The full moon day referred in Sanskrit as well as in many Indian languages.


( By Jan Phillips )

God gave us the brains
What did you do with yours?
Did you make any gains?
Or did they open any doors?

Have you used them with wisdom
Or have you used them not at all
Do you only use them some
Or just when they’re on call

Sometimes I wish I had two
But I don’t use the one I have
So would I be twice as dumb
Or just twice as sad.

I need to use what little I have left
To study the Bible through
And get closer to my Lord
As He would have me do.

If wishes were brains
I bet I’d have a few
But would I use them
Any better than I do?

I didn’t read my Bible today
For that I must atone
It’s a good thing God forgives me
Or I would be all alone

I use my brains on worldly things
That’s not what I’m meant to do
I need to get my head on straight
And not wait until it’s too late

God help me use my brain
To do the right thing
According to your plan for me
Then I can come home and be free.

The Power of Thought

The power of thought is a magical thing
It can change the winter of the mind
Into the beauty of Spring

No matter how bad how life can be
It can be much worse by negativity

So think positive, and all for the good
And let life bring you wherever it should

And trust in God and follow His lead
To be guided by faith to meet every need

I really hope to live my life this way
Positive thoughts, one by one, day by day

My Life´s Prayer

The key to the Universe has been shown to me
The key to Love
The Key to Be

I unite to God in Wisdom and Love
Through Golden Light
All Day, All Night

Please help me now to open my heart
To express my Self
From my Infinite Depth

My Desire to expand and radiate
The Joy of Creation
And sing incantations

Beyond the illusion of time and space
Return to my feet
Through every heart beat

My Breath moves me deeper, inwards
To know my essence
My Eternal Presence

Oh Let me be free from Limits
Free from Ego
Free to soar, free to Know

To be able to find the Joy in me
Cosmic Unity
Divine Trinity

God Father, Son and Holy Spirit
In all my Affairs
My Life´s Prayer.