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( by Joan Wilson)

I said I’d go where you put me Lord,

and mostly I have done,

but not as much as I ought to have

I haven’t always won !

indeed if I start checking

I know I’d be dismayed,

always it’s your love and mercy

that I’ve seen displayed,

now I stay where you’ve put me

I know that’s alright too,

for you’ve promised in your name

forever I will be with you.

Blotted Out


Blotted them out,
it’s just as if
they had never existed;
He said,” removed,remembered no more”
at such thoughts my eyes are misted,
Perfect in your righteousness,
Lord how can that be?
such mercy I can’t understand,
yet I so want to see,
for we can’t dismiss
such wonderful Redemption,
I’m sorry I’m so forgetful
when you’ve given me exemption,
from hell’s death and destruction;
prepared a place for us,
right in your Father’s glory
no right of mine,no fuss
just love unbound,wonderful,
I’m left no more to do
except “come follow me my child”,
“for I AM the way through !”
turn my heart from selfish gain
unto Your love for all,
and Lord pick me up I pray
when I’m so prone to fall.



( by Joan Wilson )

Lord, I have tended to worry
as if it were a must,
thank you that you helped
or surely I’d have bust!
You’ve lifted me encouraged me
and given me fresh hope,
where things seemed impossible
you never left me in the darkness to grope,
but encouraged me to
put my trust in you,
in the end I gained the best
because you saw me through,
here I am quite old and grey
yet trusting still
because of that encouragement
every day’s been your day,
you’ve kept a rein on us
that leading and that guiding
“wait,see the Glory and
the Grace of Christ your King”
then we found the wonders
that cause our hearts to sing.


My Flight Is Endless

My flight is endless,
I see of his Holy spirit,
I am not down on earth, but above it all, with wings at flight,
My flight is endless to the spirit,
gliding to the right then the left,
soaring with winds from the east,
and growing tall with the trees;

My flight is endless,
The mission is not done until then,
My wings are earned not that of obedience,
nor sincerity only because I love him,
My flight is endless,
until Jesus says, come on home,
I want to be at flight through your Holy spirit
I am asking of you Lord to guide me;

I want so much to understand,
what it is that I need to know,
I want clarity of my heart Lord,
because of you Lord;

I’ve made it thus far,
but knowing your’re ten steps ahead of it all,
I know my flight is endless,
It’s not even half full,
otherwise I don’t know what to do I’m lost,
I want you to give me flight endlessly;

Where my soul soars in your Holy name,
You have given me wings Lord to fly to see from up above,
thus far I have not gone far enough,
I want your guidance,
I want you to show me more,
I want to be fulfilled of you,
I only want love.

( by Feon Davis )

Jesus Christ-Messiah,Saviour ( Rebooted 13 /07/2019 as “Saviour” )

(by Joan Wilson)

Please put Christ back in Christmas
and deplete the razzamatazz,
he came with a message of goodwill
which we seem we want to gag,
God saw our deep predicament
we had no hope ahead,
He came to meet us in our need
that we our sins might shed,
“a little child shall lead them”
the prophet prophesied,
as he grew up to manhood
it was for our sins he died,
but the words of wisdom
and the love he showed,
before they nailed him to that cross
but that was when he glowed!
it was for you for me for all
he suffered on that tree,
the babe who was “Messiah”,”Jesus”
“Saviour”-set us free.

(“Jesus Christ-Messiah,Saviour” poem by Joan Wilson can be
found in the anthology,”Morning by Morning”)