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Of Time and Futility

Seconds and Minutes hurry and scurry
about in numbers too great to count ,

Hours fritter and waste all our
expectations in an off-hand way ,

Days left alone whisper amongst themselves
and in the end we incur their displeasure ,

Weeks harbour thoughts in secret
and keep them hidden from us ,

Months wreak their petty vengeance
whilst our backs are turned ,

Years dream and scheme and slowly and
surely draw their plans against us.


Let me meet you
To the person I adore the most
He said softly and gently
He held my hand in his
Softly and gently
And escorted me to a mirror
Softly and gently
Happy meeting you
He whispered into his ears
Softly and gently
I said no
I wished I could have
Softly and gently
This is not me
It doesn’t know
The right side of me
What is the fun of imagination
How often it becomes a realisation
And if it doesn’t become a realisation
Can we do hell with it
What is the meaning of satisfaction
Without realisation
A horse running amuck
In the wilderness of imagination
Reaches nowhere
Slowly losing its grip
On the road of reality