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The Puppet – 4

This play is just a trial,
Just attempting a new step
That may not be in sync
With your straight-lined ways.

Just a new piece of my distorted,
Wooden ways – a misstep
Corrected, but unacknowledged.
No, I’m not old, dusty –

Just a bit more woodened
By this unappealing take
On the reformations I had
Almost choiclessly catered to!

Darn, yes, I know I’m a puppet,
Treasured, used to playing
Your favourite realities – and
Forever, shall remain so!

But, oh, but… There’s no past
Whose hands veered me astray,
No shadows that camouflaged
The intents of the puppeteer –

No more reasons why I should
Take thy pulls, sprain my heart,
Provoke its woodenness to open
The sleeping volcano of dreariness…

For what matters to me
Is mine to choose…

– September 12th and 18th, 2013
© Sana Rose 2013

Freezing night

It is dark,
It is night,
Alone I watch a reddish sky.
The frost is jumping on the trees
His lingering smile smears my windows.

It is almost silent,
I can hear the cracks footsteps make
When snow is touched.
I wait
A dog is crying to the moon
She runs away to warmer places
I bring a blanket
Spoon the tea
It’s cold already!

Loss ( Rebooted 20 August 2018 )

Eyes gaze

at the Meissen

cup and saucer,

white like the

exquisite Flemish

lace covering the

polished teak table

where fingers drum

on a yellowing

book cover;

inside on pages

sepia words crumble

like dried bones,

and the eyes

that once sought

after them

for meaning,

now gaze



at someone’s fingers

drumming on a

yellowing book cover

drumming their

own retreat

from philosophy

that long ago


and longer ago

was forgotten,



on the polished

teak table

covered by

exquisite Flemish lace,


like the Meissen

saucer and cup.

(Louis Kasatkin has asserted his Right under the Copyright,Designs&Patents Act 1988 to be identified as the author of this work)