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I wish, if I could sleep..
Alas, mind refuses to retire.
Memories swim in the labyrinth
suffocating peace to breathe through.
However evoking soul to wish for a dream.

I wish, if I could dream..
and immerse self to feel eternal
for eyes ready to lent to have a glimpse
of a virtual world, so incredible to be true.
Though, it could be an illusion of gleam.

I wish, if I could reborn..
in that world of endless smiles
with no traces of fears and tears
to savour each moments forever anew
until let gazes to believe in the cream.

I wish, if I could die..
and never wake up from deep slumber
by freezing dream in that moment of bliss
so the soul can possess this piece of hue
and start its voyage to a divine realm.

I wished, if my dreams were real..
Despite knowing it is a sheer mirage..!

© Maaya Dev

Cloud Atlas

Our thoughts drift away like

balloons lost on the autumnal breeze ,

high above the derelict fairgrounds

sans illuminations sans crowds

their thrills and joys languishing

in the prison of our memories ;

memories themselves become the distant specks

elevated almost beyond perception ,

dancing their pavane amongst the

fleeing clouds being driven into ethereal

exile from the canopied stage ,

void of distinguishing features

its spectrum now uncalibrated ,

the cell is empty

our thoughts have…